Our Strategic Planning Process – Client Management

One of our tenets as a consulting firm, is our focus on helping our Clients Win, Protect and Grow’ their global Client/Customer Relationships.

We have entered a far more transparent and competitive market, with a far greater educated audience. Consultative roles are required, that transverse verticals to be successful. The competition for clients is immense, so providing high-resolution insights that deliver a sustainable Content Marketing Strategy is a must. You must also have end -to -end software platforms that serve the right content, at the right time, to the right people.

But above all this, apply the KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) principle when looking to Win, Protect and Grow your clients. Have a very simple Strategic Planning Process.

With six specialist areas of consulting expertise to offer, we start the process with a SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) of all current and potential client relationships. From this we do the following;

CREATION:  We create a simple matrix with time allocated to ‘Win’, ‘Protect’ and ‘Grow’ each client in the coming financial year.  Every client belonging to each Manager/Director belongs in one (or more) of the columns. These can also be attached to KPIs and remuneration packages by Management.

PROJECTION:  We put together a range of projection strategies, based on our consulting products to help Win, Protect and Grow each client. There may be cross over. All clients should have access to a company’s Thought Leadership Programmes and having a Stakeholder Engagement and Measurement Programme on each client is advisable too. But have a bespoke strategy for each.

For example, you might know that a new potential client is be going out to tender this year – they go into the WIN column with a range of strategies and actions before, during and after the pitch.

Existing clients might not have billed much in the previous year – so they go into the GROW column, with a specific range of strategies to increase their spend.

An old client may have a number of issues that risk it pitching ,and therefore needs special attention to stop it from tendering.– so they are put into the PROTECT  column.

EXECUTION:   These  strategies should then inform all Touchpoints with all existing and potential clients. Each month Directors/Managers   must write a short report based on progress, with an approximate time allocation to each column. It should include both qualitative and quantitative data,with financials. That way Management can assess the time spent on various activities within the business, and adjustments can be made.

In a crowded and complex market we find simple and measurable strategies provide for the best ROI.