Quentin Anderson

As the Executive Chairman and founding force behind DVC Consultants, Quentin Anderson is a visionary leader known for his expertise in guiding companies through the complexities of digital transformation and disruptive technologies. His career journey, which started in Oil and Gas Risk Management with Marsh McLennan, serving clients like Exxon and Chevron, transitioned into a focus on brand management and communication, where he honed his skills in driving companies to challenge the status quo. At CGI Brandsense, a EURO RSCG company, and later as the CEO of a company merged with Addison under WPP Group, Quentin demonstrated his prowess in corporate marketing, contributing to major privatizations and flotations. His deep involvement in branding, marketing, and his role as a commentator and writer on these subjects, including winning a WPP Atticus Award, laid the groundwork for his strategic insight into disruptive technologies. Quentin’s visionary approach culminated in the creation of L.O.A.F (Leadership and Organisation in Anarchic Flux), DVC’s proprietary methodology focused on managing disruptive transformation in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. At DVC Consultants, he continues to lead the charge in harnessing digital transformation, leveraging his rich experience to empower organizations to adapt and thrive amidst technological upheavals. Throughout his career, Quentin has advised a broad spectrum of clients, including Gazprom, Syngenta, Novartis, Barclays Bank, NatWest, NCB Saudi Arabia, Vodafone, Centrica, Railtrack, as well as the governments of Bahrain, Nigeria, and the UK, showcasing his extensive expertise and the trust placed in him by leading global entities.

Myrna Flores

Dr. Flores is an accomplished expert in the fields of Design Thinking, Lean Innovation, and Service Design, with over two decades of experience in leading open innovation initiatives across more than 15 countries. Currently, she serves as the Co-founder and President of the Lean Analytics Association (LAA) and recently concluded her tenure as the Executive Director at the Digital Transformation Centre at Imperial College London. Previously, she was the Director of the Open Innovation Network at Tec de Monterrey in Mexico and worked as an Open Innovation Consultant for CEMEX Switzerland.

Dr. Flores has also held prominent academic positions as a Researcher and Lecturer at the EPFL – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, and earlier at the Swiss Centre for Sustainable Innovation. Her academic prowess is further highlighted by his role as a Postdoctoral researcher at EPFL, focusing on Lean Innovation. She earned his PhD in Open Innovation from the Politecnico di Milano and completed a graduate course on Technologies and Sustainable Innovation at IIT Madras in India.

Her educational background also includes a Master of Manufacturing Science from ITESM, training at the European Foundation of Quality Management – University of Versailles, and early research work at WZL on Virtual Enterprises in Germany. Dr. Flores holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from ITESM.

She is an esteemed author, having written three books and over fifty scholarly articles, contributing significantly to the fields of innovation and sustainable practices. Dr. Flores’s career reflects a deep commitment to enhancing the interface between academic research and industry practices worldwide.

Malgorzata Szramka

Malgorzata Szramka, a University of Warsaw alumna with a MA Hons in Business Management, co-leads DVC Consultants with a keen focus on digital transformation and disruptive technologies. Since 2001, she has cultivated vast experience in Consulting, Property Development, and Construction in the UK and Poland. At DVC Consultants, Malgorzata is instrumental in steering the firm towards achieving its strategic objectives in digital innovation across diverse markets including London, South America, Africa, and Asia. Her role involves the development and delivery of high-quality digital transformation solutions to clients, ensuring that DVC Consultants remains at the forefront of technological innovation. Malgorzata is dedicated to fostering professional growth and business improvement, with a particular emphasis on embracing and navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by disruptive technologies. Her belief in the power of talent and innovation positions her as a key figure in driving the company’s success in a digitally-transformed business landscape.

Mona Hashemi

Mona is an accomplished marketing professional with a deep passion for the FMCG industry, combining a rich background in brand management with strategic and creative expertise. Holding an MSc in Marketing and Management with a specialization in Brand Management and a BA in Media with a minor in journalism. Mona has proven her ability to drive brand growth and navigate the complex landscapes of FMCG marketing. Further, underscore Mona’s skill in leveraging digital marketing tools and social media to significantly enhance brand visibility and customer engagement. Fluent in English, Swedish and Farsi, Mona is ideally positioned to inspire and shape future talents in the realm of FMCG marketing and brand management.

Akash Godhania

Akash brings over two decades of experience in fintech and technology, renowned for spearheading digital transformations and pioneering innovative solutions. His tenure as a Global Product Owner and SaaS architectural design expert has seen him develop scalable systems that redefine industry standards for major global brands. His strategic guidance has consistently driven organisations towards sustainable growth and efficiency. His expertise extends to the orchestration of technologies and data integration. As an API Architect, Akash has adeptly navigated the complexities of data systems, ensuring efficient and scalable solutions. His foray into AI within blockchain, through his Digital Transformation business, showcases his commitment to exploring and mastering emerging technologies. At DVC, Akash leverages this wealth of experience to drive forward technological innovation. His focus on AI and orchestration reflects a deep understanding of the transformative power of technology, making him an invaluable asset in shaping the future of digital landscapes.

Brian Daly

Brian is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in launching product and platform ecosystems that cater to both global and local markets. He is an expert in APIs and digital services orchestration across multiple industries, including payments, telecoms, cyber security, and identity verification. Brian has taken technology companies from proposition development phases all the way to product launch, sales, and customer onboarding. As a Senior Product professional, he has vast experience working with technology vendors, senior client stakeholders, executive stakeholders and senior board members. Brian has a track record of helping companies launch new products, defining product strategies and roadmaps for global growth. He played a significant role in the expansion of several companies and was involved in notable projects such as the development of the world’s first all in one KYT/KYC/KYB orchestration platform. Brian has held key positions at leading software companies, most notably as CPO at 4stop GmbH, where he helped lead to a 12x valuation sales to Silicon Valley’s unicorn Jumio Inc in 2022.

Rupert Dook

With an extensive career spanning multiple continents, Rupert brings a wealth of expertise in financial printing, business development, and strategic consulting to the table. His journey began in London, where he established strong board-level connections with the top 150 UK companies and cultivated revenue-generating relationships with prominent law firms, merchant banks, and European corporations. During this time, Rupert oversaw intricate international transactions involving European and US operations, demonstrating a deep understanding of cross-border financial dealings. This experience laid the foundation for his future endeavours. Seeking new challenges, Rupert ventured to Vancouver, Canada, where he successfully established a thriving business catering to clients in the legal, financial, and business communities of British Columbia. This venture expanded to encompass clients in Australia and New Zealand, showcasing Rupert’s ability to adapt to diverse markets and client needs. Beyond financial printing, Rupert has lent his expertise as a business development consultant for startups in various industries, including telecommunications, travel, B2B trading solutions, and IoT innovation. His strategic guidance has been instrumental in developing a new security product, underscoring his commitment to innovation and problem-solving. With a track record of building strong relationships, navigating complex transactions, and driving growth for businesses across multiple sectors, Rupert brings a unique blend of financial acumen, entrepreneurial spirit, and global perspective to every endeavour.

Damien Gervais

Damien studied at Oxford University and the College of Law. He qualified as a corporate lawyer, going on  specialising in Investment Funds, including Real Estate, Private Equity and Hedge Funds. Damien worked private practice in London and offshore.  He continues to act as General Counsel for a range of businesses and financial institutions.Since 2011 he has also worked as a consultant for the Institute of State Effectiveness, Washington D.C, focusing on post-conflict state building and transitions.

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