Utilising L.O.A.F (Leadership and Organisation in Anarchic Flux)

Unknown Unknowns

DVC Consultants has been exploring unknown unknowns since 1995 and helping businesses deal with those. Change is not new – as Heraclitus pointed out, ‘all things are in a state of flux’. What seems to be different today, however, is that change is much more volatile and harder to predict.

Disruptive Technologies

blockchain has created a gateway to digital anarchy. It's a catalyst that creates a new and a different world. It represents a technological breakthrough that can sweep into obsolescence just about every existing business model. How are you prepared for this?

Thought Leadership Programmes

that enable disruptor and challenger brands to fill a connector space between product and people. That drives disruptive creativity through a company, allowing all stakeholders, to experience this through, all touchpoints.

Stakeholders Engagement Programmes

to ensure measurable and ongoing dialogue. That allows management to set metrics and KPIs for employees to deliver disruptive strategies.

Content Marketing

which provide end-to-end software platforms for serving the right content, at the right time, to the right people.

Advisory Services

for establishing management teams and networks that are best in class from their sectors and industries. This includes helping establish Board Advisory for a Start-up,

Brand Roll Out

ensuring the successful introduction of the new brand to market by co-ordinating all the marketing disciplines to maximise the brand release.

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Thought Leadership- Cogitare

Cogitare-The Latin for “To Think, ” is the collective name for DVC Consultants thoughts, insights and perspectives on a broad and eclectic number of subjects. From Brexit to Global Poverty, Islamic Banking to Subsistence Agriculture, Disruptive Technologies to The World Bank. It reflects the wide range of sectors and issues we consult on. We hope you enjoy reading them.
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