DVC Consultants is a strategic and critical issue advisory firm based in the UK. Our core mission is to help our clients in dealing with disruption and what the-then US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld once famously described as ‘unknown unknowns’.

In the light of Covid-19, most consulting firms stress how well-placed they are to support clients through disruption, few have the credentials to back up these claims. DVC, however, is different, and has a track record stretching back nearly 30 years working with clients operating in highly challenging situations. The team have more than 100 years’ experience in dealing with ‘unknown unknowns’, for example:

• Supporting democratic groups in the Soviet Union and its successor states through the coup of 1991, and its aftermath

• Working with South Africa’s Government of National Unity on economic and private sector policy

• Worked with a leading FMCG company on the impacts of politics and mafia behaviours on their business in the southern Balkans

• Supported travel companies responding to terror attacks and disasters like Costa Concordia

• Worked with leading international intergovernmental organisation on addressing Boko Haram in northern Nigeria

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Thought Leadership- Cogitare

Cogitare-The Latin for “To Think, ” is the collective name for DVC Consultants thoughts, insights and perspectives on a broad and eclectic number of subjects. From Brexit to Global Poverty, Islamic Banking to Subsistence Agriculture, Disruptive Technologies to The World Bank. It reflects the wide range of sectors and issues we consult on. We hope you enjoy reading them.