In a world where technological advancements continually reshape the business landscape, the need for agile, innovative, and inclusive strategic planning is paramount.

Recognising this, the research collaboration between Dr. Myrna Flores, Executive Director of the Centre for Digital Transformation at Imperial College Business School, and Quentin Anderson, Executive Chair DVC Consultants, has led to the groundbreaking integration of Generative AI into strategic frameworks through Loaf Gen AI 24.

This collaboration extends into an ambitious research initiative known as the STARS Sustainable and digital acceleration towards regenerative value ecosystems research project. This aims to push the boundaries of innovation, sustainable development and intrapreneurship of value chains further into the future.

The STARS Project: Designing and executing Strategic Roadmaps enabled by digital technologies to solve sustainability challenges

The STARS research project represents a significant leap forward in the application and testing of novel solutions, catalysed by the Loaf Gen AI 24 framework.It focuses on developing new skills and competencies, to create and analyse comprehensive risk assessment models, and strategic technology roadmaps. This initiative is pivotal in providing organisations with detailed insights into future technology trends, identifying potential disruptions, and crafting strategies for risk mitigation and adaptation.

The STARS Research Project, aims at developing leadership and entrepreneurial capabilities, to identify strategic challenges, collaborating with a network of experts, to propose novel solutions towards regenerative ecosystems, enabled by digital technologies.

The goal is to empower organisations not just to navigate, but to lead in an era of constant technological flux.It wants to encourage them to cope with the urgent need to develop and execute scenarios and roadmaps ,towards the UN 2030 Sustainable development agenda.

Integrating Regenerative Value Ecosystems

A core aspect of the STARS project ,under the guidance of Dr. Myrna Flores and DVC Consultants, is the emphasis on creating regenerative value ecosystems. This innovative approach shifts the focus from linear strategic planning ,to a more holistic, sustainable model that recognises the interconnectedness of businesses, governments, universities, societies, and the environment. Regenerative value ecosystems aim to create strategies that not only drive economic growth, but also foster environmental stewardship and social well-being, ensuring long-term sustainability and resilience.

Democratising Management Consulting with Loaf Gen AI 24

Loaf Gen AI 24 democratises management consulting by making strategic planning tools and AI-driven insights accessible to all organisations, regardless of their size. This accessibility levels the playing field, allowing SMEs, startups, and entrepreneurs to benefit from high-quality strategic advice and predictive modelling. The STARS project amplifies this impact by providing these diverse entities with the tools to participate in, and contribute to ,regenerative value ecosystems, fostering a more inclusive, sustainable, and competitive business environment.

The Societal Benefits of Strategic Innovation

The STARS research project extends well beyond business advantages, offering profound societal benefits:

1. Innovation Acceleration: Equipping organisations with advanced strategic planning tools accelerating innovation, enabling the development of solutions to societal challenges such as healthcare and environmental sustainability.

2. Economic Empowerment: Empowering smaller entities and entrepreneurs with strategic insights to fuel economic growth, job creation, and diversification.

3. Educational Transformation: STARS looks forward to providing new competencies enhancing leadership, business acumen and technological literacy across society.

4. Equality and Inclusivity: By fostering regenerative value ecosystems, the initiatives promote a more equal and inclusive business environment where diverse ideas and solutions can flourish.

Upcoming Hackathon:Catalysing Innovation

In a move to further advance these initiatives, Dr. Myrna Flores and DVC Consultants are looking forward to engaging organisations to actively participate in a Hackathon that will take place in Imperial College in June 2024. This event is designed to harness the collective creativity and expertise of participants, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved through the Loaf Gen AI 24 framework, and will support the identification of key challenges aligned to the STARS project. The Hackathon aims to generate innovative solutions and strategies, furthering the development of regenerative value ecosystems, and amplifying the impact of strategic planning across industries.


The joint collaboration between Dr. Myrna Flores and DVC Consultants, embodied in Loaf Gen AI 24 and the STARS project, stands as a beacon of strategic innovation. It not only advances the field of strategic planning but also champions the creation of regenerative value ecosystems, marking a step towards a more inclusive, innovative, and equitable future. The upcoming Hackathon epitomises the commitment to innovation and sustainable development, promising to bring fresh perspectives and impactful solutions.

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This blog is co-authored by Quentin Anderson, Executive Chair of DVC Consultants, and Dr. Myrna Flores, Executive Director of the Centre for Digital Transformation, at Imperial College Business School, underscoring their dedication to advancing strategic planning and sustainable development.