Utilising our proprietary processes and tools, we design programmes that; 

  • provide qualitative and quantitative data, based on online questionnaires and face to face interviews
  • are bespoke to your company, brand and stakeholders 
  • create KPIs for all stakeholders which become an important management tool 
  • ensure a measurable and ongoing dialogue
  • allows management to set the KPIs for employees delivering against clients expectations 
  • sets out the commercial and business objectives of the services you provide 
  • help in building brand awareness and managing your content marketing

Stakeholder Engagement is about fully understanding the current and future needs of all stakeholder engagement groups, regulators, shareholders, customers, community etc. and converting these into goals for the organisation.

How do we achieve this ?

  • Analysing past and/or organisational and market performance and trends.
  • Consulting relevant bodies and personnel.
  • Conducting face to face interviews at individual or focus group level to gain insight into ‘customer value’ or feedback.
  • Developing Frameworks and competencies to continually understand stakeholder needs.
  • Identifying key stakeholder groups and priorities in order to develop relevant stakeholder engagement and communication strategies and plans.

Why would you do this?

  • Translate stakeholder needs into organisational goals and create the basis of effective strategy formation and strategy deployment.
  • Provide for an ongoing measurement programme that metrics and KPIs can be set against
  • Establish a framework for driving disruption to accelerate transformation throughout your organisation.

We have many Stakeholder engagement and measurement products,but our principal two are the following;

Client/Company Alignment Programme (CCAP)

The measurement and protection of Client Relationships

DVC has developed a model for its clients to use in the identification of the key markers and performance indicators in delivering to their customers objectives and requirements. What needs to be delivered will obviously differ as to which sector our client operates in, but the basic tools for identifying what and how to deliver often remain the same.

Strategic Goals/Deliverables

Quite simply, what are you trying to achieve for your client. Sector and skill dependent, are you raising finance?

Building a brand?

Delivering a product?

It is important to know exactly what are their commercial and business objectives from the service you provide.


It is important to understand all those individuals that are both helping and monitoring the service you supply.

It is also important to have a detailed understanding, if marketing a product/brand of its stakeholders.

We provide our clients with this.

Translation of the Strategic Goal/Deliverables

Different departments and different stakeholders may need to be treated in different ways.

Whilst the delivery of any service, brand or product will need to be seamless understanding these differences are key to long term client relationships.

Stakeholder markers

How do you deliver to those multiple stakeholders.

Client markers

What behaviours do you as a company need to exhibit to each stakeholder group if you are to continue to deliver client satisfaction and long- term performance.

Key Performance Indicators

Arguably the most important deliverable in terms of analysing delivery of expectations.

The two previous components have described the ideal relationship between a company and its client.

What measures can be used to show that these relationships are on track?

Fit for Brexit Programme

Are you Brexit Proof?

Brexit, is arguably the biggest economic demerger in Europe since  WW2. And while right now, the detail is being hammered out (perhaps literately) by Brussels and the UK government, some things are a given.

What do we know?

  • UK businesses will be significantly changed by what is about to unfold.
  • To be effective and profitable going forward, a business will need strong leadership and be deft at adapting to change
  • Customers/Clients will need assurances that you understand the new landscape and continue to service them appropriately
  • Employees, particularly those from outside the UK will need an assurance that their needs are being meet and their future is secure
  • Investment will be needed to be made in your business to best deal with the disruption ahead; where is that investment best placed?
  • Clients/Customers will need to ‘keep the faith’ through this difficult period of uncertainty and transition; how are you going to ensure this?
  • New strategic thinking and new problem – solving techniques will have to be set in place to deal with all these issues; How can you benchmark this?

At DVC we know we have the answers to these conundrums.

We have devised a ‘Fit for Brexit’ programme.

Our Management Team has acted in advisory roles to a number of Directorates-General of the European Commission and has a detailed knowledge of their workings. Between 2014-16 Dr Peter Davis developed for the EU a 60 million Euro programme to support inward investment into Jordan. We bring this expertise and understanding to designing our fit for Brexit Programme. 

Through auditing a company’s internal and external stakeholders, we provide a road map whereby a company can manage this change and transition.

We provide a checklist of key performance indicators (KPIs) that allow a company to have a 360 degree stakeholder view of their readiness for Brexit.

It enables a company to understand what behaviours and processes it needs to exhibit to each stakeholder group to demonstrate its preparedness for Brexit.