Agencio ( is currently developing Bertha Futures.

Part of our Global Brand Orchestration Platform Bertha, Bertha Futures, is

using generative AI for data collection, data analytics, and monitoring to shape brands of the future. Here’s how we are doing it :

1. Data Collection:

– AI-Powered Surveys and Feedback: We utilize AI to generate surveys and feedback forms that are tailored to gather specific insights from customers. AI is helping in the real-time analysis of responses.

– Social Media Monitoring: We are using AI algorithms to continuously monitor social media platforms, extracting data on consumer sentiment, emerging trends, and brand mentions.

– Chatbots and Virtual Assistant: We are implementing AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistants to collect user data, answer queries, and understand user preferences.

2. Data Analytics:

– Predictive Analytics: We are employing generative AI to analyze historical data and make predictions about future consumer behavior, market trends, and product demand.

– Customer Segmentation: We are using AI to segment audiences based on their preferences, behaviours, and demographics, allowing for highly targeted marketing and product development.

– Natural Language Processing (NLP): We are applying NLP models to understand customer reviews, comments, and feedback at scale, extracting valuable insights for product improvements.

3. Monitoring and Feedback:

– Sentiment Analysis: We are implementing generative AI models for sentiment analysis to monitor public sentiment towards brands and products, enabling rapid response to issues or opportunities.

-Real-time Dashboard: We are creating real-time dashboards powered by AI to track key performance indicators, customer feedback, and market dynamics, allowing for quick decision-making.

– Anomaly Detection:We are using AI to identify unusual patterns or anomalies in data that may indicate emerging issues or opportunities.

4. Personalization:

-We are leveraging AI to create personalized marketing campaigns, product recommendations, and user experiences based on individual data and preferences.

5. Ethical Considerations and Data Privacy:

– We ensure that data collection and AI usage adhere to strict ethical standards and data privacy regulations to build trust with customers.

6. Iterative Improvement:

– We continuously refine a brand’s strategies and offerings based on the insights generated by AI. Regularly updating AI models to adapt to changing consumer behavior.

By incorporating generative AI into data collection, analytics, and monitoring, brands can make data-driven decisions, stay ahead of emerging trends, and deliver highly personalized experiences, ultimately shaping brands of the future that are responsive and relevant in a rapidly changing world.behaviour

If you want to be 10 years ahead of your competition, come and talk to us about our Global Brand Orchestration Platform Bertha and Bertha Futures. Let’s see what it might do for your product or brand.

About the author:

Quentin Anderson is the Executive Chairman of DVC Consultants and CSO of Agencio.


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