The team at Agencio, (, is developing an AI-powered orchestration platform, that ideates/ creates, develops and monitors brands. It is the first of its kind.

Through its orchestration platform Bertha, it is utilising AI to seamlessly integrate with other AI systems and diverse data sources to elevate AI to unprecedented levels of value.

Here we look at the future of AI-driven orchestration.

The future is very promising, with several key developments and trends on the horizon:

1. Improved Automation: AI will continue to enhance the automation of orchestration tasks. This includes automatic resource provisioning, scaling, and optimisation based on real-time data and predictive analytics.

2. Self-Healing Systems: AI-driven orchestration will enable self-healing systems that can detect and mitigate issues in real-time, reducing downtime and operational overhead.

3. AI-Powered Resource Management: AI will optimise resource allocation and usage, helping organisations reduce costs and improve efficiency by dynamically adjusting resources to meet demand.

4. Enhanced Security: AI will play a crucial role in identifying and mitigating security threats through anomaly detection and behavioural analysis. It can automatically enforce security policies and respond to threats.

5. Predictive Analytics: AI will use historical data and machine learning to make predictive recommendations for resource provisioning, application scaling, and load balancing.

6. Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Optimisation: AI-driven orchestration will be instrumental in optimising workloads across multiple cloud providers and on-premises environments, ensuring cost-effectiveness and performance.

7. Natural Language Interfaces: AI-powered orchestration platforms may incorporate natural language interfaces, making it easier for non-technical users to interact with and control complex systems.

8. AI for Decision Support: AI will provide insights and recommendations for strategic decisions related to infrastructure and application deployment, helping organisations make more informed choices.

9. Real-Time Adaptation: AI-driven orchestration will respond to changing conditions and requirements in real-time, ensuring that applications are always aligned with business goals.

10. Ethical and Responsible AI: As AI plays a larger role in orchestration, ethical considerations and responsible AI practices will become increasingly important, including transparency, fairness, and accountability.

11. Integration with Edge Computing: AI-driven orchestration will extend its reach to the edge, managing and optimising resources and applications at the edge of the network for low-latency and high-performance use cases.Industry-Specific Solutions: AI-driven orchestration will be tailored to specific industries, providing domain-specific optimisations and solutions

It’s important to note that the future of AI-driven orchestration will also come with challenges, including the need for robust data privacy and security measures, addressing bias in AI algorithms, and ensuring the continued development of AI ethics and governance. Nevertheless, AI-driven orchestration has the potential to revolutionise how organisations manage and optimise their IT infrastructure and applications.

But the real benefit, is well amplified, by our Product Strategy and Technology adviser, Brian Daly,

”In isolation AI possesses intrinsic value. However, the true potential emerges when AI is seamlessly integrated with other AI systems and diverse data sources. It is at this juncture that organisations can elevate AI to unprecedented levels of value. I have first hand in experience in moving systems from Service aggregation to true orchestration and leveraging standard AI powered services. Imagine how much value multiple AI/ML services and trusted data services, paired with generative AI, can bring to business processes.”

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