As the UK stands on the cusp of potential political change, the implications for AI development under a new Labour government are both exciting and challenging. At DvC Consultants, we’re poised to guide businesses through this evolving landscape.
Labour’s approach to AI combines increased regulation with robust support for innovation. They plan to implement stricter oversight for powerful AI systems, including a ban on misused technologies like explicit deepfakes. This aligns with our ARAFI (AI Readiness Assessment for Future Integration) service, which helps companies navigate regulatory complexities.
Infrastructure development is a key focus, with Labour aiming to streamline the construction of data centers. This dovetails perfectly with our Kunavv Orchestration Platform, which thrives on robust digital infrastructure.
The proposed “National Data Library” could be a game-changer, potentially granting AI developers access to vast public sector datasets. Our LOAF Framework Consulting Products are ideally positioned to help businesses leverage this new resource effectively.
Labour’s commitment to expanding AI in the public sector, particularly in healthcare, opens up new frontiers for innovation. Our Gorilla Accelerator program can help businesses capitalize on these emerging opportunities.
The party’s focus on balancing innovation with worker protection reflects the complex challenges ahead. Our strategic planning services can assist companies in navigating this delicate balance.
Procurement reform could create new avenues for smaller AI businesses to engage with government contracts. This aligns with our expertise in guiding companies through rapid technological evolution.
While Labour seems committed to continued investment in AI, they’re also likely to address intellectual property challenges between rightsholders and AI developers. Our consultancy is prepared to help clients adapt to these potential legislative changes.
As we await the full unveiling of Labour’s AI policies, DvC Consultants stands ready to help businesses thrive in this dynamic environment. Our blend of cutting-edge AI expertise and strategic insight positions us uniquely to guide clients through the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

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