Generative AI is revolutionizing how businesses operate, and ServiceNow is at the forefront of this transformation. Bill McDermott’s bold claim that all workflows will be re-engineered with generative AI within 24 months stems from ServiceNow’s unique position as an AI-powered platform for business process automation.

Simplifying Complexity with AI

ServiceNow serves as the “one pane of glass” and “one automation layer” for enterprises, integrating seamlessly with various systems of record. By leveraging generative AI capabilities, ServiceNow aims to simplify the chaos and complexity that plagues modern businesses. McDermott envisions a future where 70% of the “soul-crushing” manual work can be eliminated through technological transformation and AI.

Enhancing Employee Experiences

One of the key drivers behind this AI-powered revolution is the changing expectations of employees. As McDermott stated, workers will no longer tolerate “swivel-chairing” through multiple applications daily. Generative AI will automate routine tasks, freeing up employees to focus on higher-value work and improving their overall experience.

Streamlining Processes with AI

ServiceNow’s generative AI capabilities are already transforming various industries. For instance, a nationwide bakery chain leveraged the Now Platform to integrate disparate systems and data sources, enabling AI-driven workflows that optimized restocking and baking decisions based on real-time demand predictions.

DvC Consultants’ Kunavv Orchestration Platform: A Game-Changer in Development

In this AI-driven transformation, DvC Consultants is developing a groundbreaking product called the Kunavv Orchestration Platform. Kunavv is a low-code/no-code platform that will enable businesses to rapidly design, automate, and optimize their processes and workflows using AI and machine learning capabilities. By seamlessly integrating with ServiceNow and other enterprise systems, Kunavv aims to empower organizations to re-engineer their processes, leveraging the power of generative AI while minimizing disruption to existing systems.


The convergence of ServiceNow’s AI-powered platform and DvC Consultants’ Kunavv Orchestration Platform, currently in development, presents a compelling solution for businesses seeking to embrace the generative AI revolution. By simplifying complexity, enhancing employee experiences, and streamlining processes, this collaboration paves the way for a future where AI works hand-in-hand with teams to transform productivity in every task.


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