Although horribly isolated, from both her cabinet and Europe, it appears that Theresa May will deliver Brexit. Salzburg showed that the EU is not about to accept her compromise. The EU’s most fundamental objection being their unpreparedness to allow the UK to sign trade deals with their main competitors, while enjoying frictionless trade in goods with the bloc. Brussels would prefer instead for Britain to stay closer and join its customs union, in order that EU countries continue to enjoy their privileged access to one of Europe’s largest markets. But if the Prime Minister concedes on that she will be removing one of the principal arguments for Brexit, Britain’s ability to forge new and closer ties with the rest of the world.
One possibility is the looser, Canada-style free deal with streamlined customs checks, but at the moment it appears that Theresa May would prefer no deal rather than this. While in the world of realpolitik many are suggesting that “What the PM needs is a plan to elegantly sidestep into Canada ”, but her detractors and her own infamous intransigence might not let her.
So where does this leave Corporate Britain? Still in a state of limbo or able to prepare for all eventualities? At DVC we believe the latter.
What do we know?
• UK businesses will be significantly changed by what is about to unfold.
• To be effective and profitable going forward, a business will need strong leadership and be deft at adapting to change
• Customers/Clients will need assurances that you understand the new landscape and continue to service them appropriately
• Employees, particularly those from outside the UK will need an assurance that their needs are being meet and their future is secure
• Investment will be needed to be made in your business to best deal with the disruption ahead; where is that investment best placed?
• Clients/Customers will need to ‘keep the faith’ through this difficult period of uncertainty and transition; how are you going to ensure this?
• New strategic thinking and new problem – solving techniques will have to be set in place to deal with all these issues; How can you benchmark this?
At DVC we know we have the answers to these conundrums. If you are interested in hearing how we do this through our managing Brexit for change programme please contact

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