Since my blog of April much has changed and little has changed! The malevolent and spiteful approach of the EU to Brexit negotiations continues unabated. The People’s Vote Campaign has gained some traction, particularly given that their opponents are in disarray. However, polling so far shows that there has been no great shift in public opinion, and any further referendum is very unlikely. The Great British Public seem to remember that one of The People”s Vote main protagonists is none other than Tony Blair, the prime minister who took us into one of the biggest foreign policy blunders of the last 50 years, The illegal invasion of Iraq. The ramifications of which threaten the safety of our streets till this day.

So whilst Theresa and her cohorts continue to do battle with Michael Barnier etc, and appear to lurch from crisis to crisis, it is pretty clear that the UK will be leaving come what may, no pun intended, in March. This means it is even more important that Corporate Britain prepares for this eventuality. Whether it’s the Chequers deal or something else the legal and commercial framework will change.

As a company, understanding the needs and requirements of all of your stakeholders is even more vital. There is a lot of fear and uncertainty around, and now is the time for leadership and balance within Corporate UK.

At DVC we have been giving our clients an overview, a pulse of what customers/clients are feeling through our Fit for Brexit Programme. Their hopes and fears. And whilst the sands continue to shift, the overriding feedback we are receiving, is a positive one of opportunity. Whilst there are very real concerns about short-term problems, particularly in the property sector, there is a feeling of optimism and opportunity elsewhere. Let’s see what The Government can deliver, but keep preparing for the eventuality now!


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