#NEVER CAMPAIGN is delighted to support the PFA in their #Enough Campaign



Their initiative makes a real difference in the fight against discrimination. All efforts to tackle discrimination in sport must work together to educate and prevent all discrimination. The #NEVER CAMPAIGN puts sports stars at the forefront of educating and articulating that discrimination in the form of homophobia, anti-Semitism, racism and islamophobia is NEVER OK. We believe that education is key – and the campaign utilises the pollination of knowledge sharing through a well-orchestrated thought leadership programme. A Thought leadership programme, which promote the stars of sport who represent different cultures and religions. Global sport enjoys a plethora of articulate and intelligent men and women, and it gives them a co-ordinated and structured platform to get their message across. The campaign works across traditional and new media platform and has been designed to involve multiple stakeholders including universities and schools.


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