Around 30 million PowerPoint presentations are created each day. A staggering number. But is the much maligned and misused presentation platform adding value or harming people’s perception of you and your brand? According to new research conducted by the research team at Harvard University it is.

Their results seem to suggest that PowerPoint is failing in two key areas; increasing information to the target audience and improving what people think of the brand in question (and you).

In fact, PowerPoint was rated as no better than verbal presentations with no visual aids! Secondly, researchers say the data showed that ’presentations’ influenced participants’ core judgements about a business decision and suggest that (ZUI presentations such as Prezi may benefit both behavioural and experiential outcomes).

Participants concluded that Prezi’s ZUI presentations were more organised, engaging, persuasive and effective than both PowerPoint and oral presentations.

Furthermore, ZUI presenters were seen as ‘more knowledgeable and professional’.

In a busy and attention-scarce world, it is imperative that you get your message across and enhance your brand experience.

PowerPoint appears to be both wasting time and resource.

At DVC we are constantly analysing these situations for our clients.  We always advise to ‘avoid the next slide’ expectation and keep your audience guessing. Through expertise in New Business Strategies we help our clients deliver compelling and exciting presentations. So, if you are interested in enhancing your brand and not boring your audiences contact

For our part, when we go and meet a prospective client, while we might have a creds presentation loaded on the laptop, we seldom use it. Preferring, instead to talk through your issues and requirements, and impart the knowledge we have learnt from 35 years of leading presentations and tenders throughout the world.




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