Anyone focused on client relationships and the revenue that might represent needs to keep this top of mind. Remember, everyday your client is being called by someone else, desperate for that clients business. And if you aren’t monitoring that relationship appropriately that important client just might go! As a management team there may be personnel issues you are just not aware of. People are never good at raising issues about character conflict etc, and they can just vote with their feet.

So, how do you ensure that you follow Peter Drucker’s advice? How can you feel the pulse of your client in a professional and apposite way? Of course there’s the informal lunch or corporate event, which still have an important place… but there must be something more scientific and quantitative you can do. At DVC we have designed a programme for doing just this. It allows a management team to have a detailed understanding of a client relationship and allows the client to have a number of KPIs (key performance indicators) they can judge their supplier relationship by. The CCAP (Company/Client Alignment Programme) gives a thorough overview to every aspect of performance and deliverable. It provides an effective yardstick for all the stakeholders in the client relationship. So this summer when you are enjoying the corporate hospitality of a day at Ascot, Wimbledon or Henley just think there might be another way… A way to hear what isn’t being said!


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